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Feature pergolas Adelaide

Pergola ideas. An attached feature pergola Adelaide South Australia
Pergola ideas. A stand alone feature pergola Adelaide South Australia

It's all about the vibe!

We love feature pergolas. They serve little to no practical purpose, they are all about art. These are our opportunity to create something stunningly beautiful simply for the sake of the aesthetic. 

This is one of those situations where you really are limited solely by your imagination. There is no need for practicality considerations so you can go nuts and dream up something truly unique. 

The one thing we do routinely see in feature pergolas is lighting. Fairy lights, rebated (embedded) light strips, pendant lights or even outdoor weatherproof chandeliers. 

Again the finish can be natural oiled timber or painted and can match your deck timber or be completely different to create a contrast. This is where things like old railway sleepers or even live edge rough cut timber can be employed.

Jessica Bennett has written an excellent article on how to beautify your pergola. It was updated in October 2023 and published in Better Homes and Gardens 

Paul's decking and pergolas can assist with inspiration, planning, construction and finishing (painting or oiling). For an obligation free discussion and a free measure and quote contact us today.

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