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Open Pergolas Adelaide

Open pergola adelaide built by pergola builders pauls decking and pergolas
An open pergola Adelaide built by pergola builders Paul's decking and pergolas Adelaide

Open Pergolas Adelaide

An Open Pergola is designed to provide some shade but is not sealed and so will allow wind and rain in. A big part of an ope n pergola in Adelaide is to provide an appealing asthenic and extra pizzazz to an ordinary deck, (not that Paul's decking and pergolas build any decks that are ordinary). 

Open pergolas are often finished with shade sail to provide extra cover from the sun and they can be painted or oiled. 

Open pergolas provide terrific air circulation and bring nature closer to the home. A well built open pergola such as those we build can also look much more appealing than the enclosed ones as the timber is the main focal point. As soon as you place a sealed roof on a pergola it becomes the main focal point and thrusts the timber frame into shadows. 

Open pergolas are also cheaper than enclosed ones but they still contribute to the value of your home, (see our enclosed pergolas page for an overview of how real estate agents view the impact of a pergola on the value of your home).

Lastly open pergolas integrate more easily with your garden space / landscape. They are a less imposing structure, they blend in with your garden more effortlessly and lend themselves better to surrounding landscaping.

The big drawback of course it that they do not provide protection from the rain, and to a lesser degree the wind. If these considerations however are not important to you then an open pergola could be an excellent choice for your outdoor area.

For an obligation free discussion on how we might help plan and build your open pergola please call us today. We can then set a time to measure up your space and look at all the possibilities. 

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