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Hardwood and softwood decks

Building the finest timber decks in Adelaide at Adelaide's lowest prices for over a decade

The most popular timber decking boards in Adelaide and South Australia is Merbau. Merbau is sustainably sourced from South East Asia (mainly Indonesia) and has a dark chocolate colour. Other common deck boards in Adelaide are Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Rosegum. On the softwood side Treated pine is the most common. Owing however to it's limited lifespan (10 to 15 years) it is not very popular. 

Whilst nothing looks as good as a genuine timber deck (as opposed to the composite decks) they do require some maintenance to keep looking their best and lasting as long as they can. It is recommended that timber decks are washed with an acid based timber deck wash and oiled twice a year. In reality this is not an overly onus process if you have the right tools, basically an extended handle deck brush. Many of our clients agree that the small amount of labour they invest each year is well worth the privilege of owning a natural timber deck. See our blog post on How to clean and oil a timber deck in Adelaide.

A well maintained hardwood deck should last up to 40 years making them the longest lived decks available. Composite decks are guaranteed for 25 years and a treated pine softwood deck should last 10 to 15 years.  

Hardwood timber decks are also surprisingly bushfire resistant, don't suffer from the same degree of thermal expansion as composite decks and keep their cool in direct sunlight. Some composite decks can get uncomfortably hot in direct sun. Ultimately if you are prepared to invest in a little annual maintenance and like the beauty of natural wood then a timber hardwood deck is for you. The good news is that most hardwood decking boards are also cheaper than composite decks.


For a full rundown on the pro's and con's of timber decking please visit our  DECK PLANNER page. Otherwise please feel free to CONTACT US for an obligation free discussion about your requirements and a free measure and quote.

We guarantee you will be happy with the result. 

If you're not happy, we're not finished. 

Merbau timber decking in Adelaide South Australia around a pool
12022-12-06 11.05_edited.jpg

Timber decking Adelaide

This is a merbau deck with one edgeboard contoured to fit the pool. 


Timber decking Adelaide Hills

This is a blackbutt deck with mesh fenced handrails and a pergola in the Adelaide Hills. The pool is actually an above ground example and we have edged around the lip of the pool to blend it in with the deck. Hidden under the lip around the entire pool is colour changing LED strip lighting.

Blackbutt timber decking Adelaide South Australia around a pool with a pergola

The most common timber decking boards used in Adelaide and South Australia

Examples of decking boards commonly used in timber decking Adelaide South Australia

Don't forget to check out our DECK PLANNER. It's a terrific starting point if you are looking at building a new timber or composite deck in Adelaide or South Australia.

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