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Composite decking and pergola build. Update from Yorkes

Updated: Apr 4

A challenging pergola and composite decking build

After over a week with three of us at it from dawn to dusk we are almost done. This build has been particularly challenging because the house, (a 50 year old beach shack) has been constructed in a a rather unconventional fashion. After we removed the eve sheets to look at how we could attach the pergola Paul just stared silently for a minute and simply said 'Wow'.

There were pieces of wood held in place by wires, house bricks weighing other pieces of wood down, "Why wouldn't they just screw them into place" Paul said, "It would have actually been easier".

Turns out from speaking to the neighbours, the house is called 'Bits and bobs', because the guy who built it 50 years ago built it from bits and bobs that he found lying around!! In any case it's a terrific little house right on the beachfront that now has an (almost finished) fantastic new deck and pergola adorning it. For the time we were there we very much enjoyed a couple of cold ones at knock off time on the composite decking boards we laid!

As always if you are looking for any decking work in Adelaide, (timber decking or composite decking) to be done or a Pergola in Adelaide (or surrounds - as far as Yorkes) please CONTACT US. We'd love to be a part of what you have in mind.

For now please enjoy the video update below, with a music score composed specifically for this video by Paul & friends.

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